Steel Magnolia Magic Mushrooms


Though relatively rare in the shroom market today, the Steel Magnolia of the Psilocybe family is a new and powerful strain. Interestingly, two mycologists developed it by separating sporangiophore collected from a wild Mississippi variant sample in 2011.

They are large and generally presumed to be of the same or even higher potency than the popular Penis Envy variants. Known for its warm coloration and characteristic appearance and the fact that it gives an exhilarating sense of spirituality, it is not quite recommended for newbies due to its high strength.

While it can be used to have fun during parties and also wisely used for therapeutic assignments, it is not recommended to be taken in high doses in party or group outings. The effect of this strain can be felt after a period of 10 to 30 minutes of ingestion. The mood is enhanced with euphoric and ecstatic feelings. However, this is dosage-dependent as there may be mild or relatively intense visuals.

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